Coaching sessions and programs are individually designed to help our clients realize their goals. We work with you to design in-person or virtual coaching sessions to your specifications and needs.

Coaching is a partnership. Let's work together to clarify your goals, track progress, and enjoy the process!

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Executive Coaching For Presentations With Impact

Are you a leader or high-potential who struggles with platform skills, nerves, or difficult audiences?  Would you rather work one-on-one with a coach instead of going to a group session?  Do you need intense coaching for design and delivery methods for your content?

To provide individual coaching to help senior leaders, who already have experience in preparing and delivering presentations, to improve their skills in designing and delivering high-impact presentations.

After the initial four-hour session, additional sessions can be scheduled at the request of the participant.

Some Typical Learning Outcomes:

  • Present with authority, energy, and persuasion.

  • Select forceful, persuasive content.

  • Prepare and organize content for decision makers.

  • Present in a non-native language.

  • Address questions concisely.

  • Improve body language, image, and credibility.

  • Assess audience interest and adjust content quickly.

  • Create visuals that have high-level business impact.

  • Develop lasting rapport and credibility.

  • Create documents that emphasize partnership.

Individual Coaching On Executive Writing Skills

Are you in need of executive writing skills, but don’t have time for a class?  Would you like intense, personal instruction from a world-class writing consultant who has worked in dozens of industries?

This program consists of individual instruction for a cost-effective, but truly customized learning experience. Because these are individual sessions, learning time is maximized to the needs of the individual client. After reviewing samples of the executive’s writing, we customize the sessions to address specific concerns.

Following the initial two-hour session, future sessions can be set up at the discretion of the client.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Organize according to reader preferences.

  • Streamline complex information quickly.

  • Write to direct reports in a warm, motivating style.

  • Create positive tone.

  • Format e-mail messages for large audiences.

  • Edit for clarity and correctness.

  • Motivate positive client responses.

Train the Trainer

Have you accepted a new role as a corporate trainer?  In your specialty area, are you recognized as a subject-matter expert who needs to help others complete tasks, comply with regulations, and understand company policies and processes? 

This coaching session supports you in delivering learner-centered content while practicing your facilitation skills. 


Corporate trainers and subject-matter experts

Two days  

At the end of this course, participants will: 

  • Understand the differences between presentation and facilitation.

  • Motivate learning for a variety of adult learners.

  • Increase the retention and value of training content.

  • Facilitate group discussions by fostering positive group dynamics.

  • Coach and evaluate each trainee constructively.

Coach On Call

WD Communication Consultants and Coaches are ON CALL for you!

In-person, by phone, or virtual platform, our consultative coaching services can support your personal and professional development goals.
Coaching sessions and programs are individually designed to help you:

  • Increase self-awareness, self-care, and confidence.

  • Develop effective and flexible interpersonal strategies.

  • Create and deliver powerful presentations.

  • Polish written documents with clarity and conciseness.

 Coaching is a PARTNERSHIP. Let’s work together to clarify your goals, track progress, and enjoy the process!

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Additional Coaching Topics To Be Added Soon

  • Practicing Communication Self-Care

  • Managing Emotional Energy

  • Mindful Management

  • Building Executive Presence