The Human Side of Technical Roles

The Human Side of Technical Roles

Technical professionals who document investigations in lab or manufacturing environments receive internal training on problem solving and root cause analysis. For added support, companies request training from WD Communications on effective technical writing within investigation reports and related content.

During WD training and coaching sessions, these professionals share challenges about varying aspects of their complex, technical roles. Consistently, we hear needs for training on interpersonal communication—soft skills—that reflect the human side of technical tasks, heavy workloads, and tight deadlines.

Yet rarely is training requested to help these professionals develop functional, flexible communication styles and strategies.

For example, the investigation process often requires writers to conduct comprehensive interviews with people involved like operators, technicians, or shift supervisors. Interviewing others demands technical skills and a conscious blend of people skills including:

  • Awareness of different communication styles and preferences
  • Active listening and balanced assertiveness
  • Ability to build trust and rapport

Imagine newer or non-assertive employees reaching out for investigation information too slowly or feeling uncomfortable asking necessary, probing questions. By contrast, imagine more tenured or overly assertive employees rushing interviewees and triggering defensiveness.

Either way, key details of the investigation story might be missed, timelines delayed, and the quality of reports decreased. But these risks can be lessened or even avoided by giving equal attention to technical and people skills to support improved individual and corporate performance.

During onboarding or within professional development plans, training that addresses the human side of technical roles is essential for employee satisfaction and retention.

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